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Leaf Creative was launched by Peter Dowle, of Howle Hill Nursery, in 2018.




Several years ago, Leaf Creative founder and award-winning garden designer Peter Dowle had an idea to provide a creative plant and design service. 

He wanted a place where people could get together, talk about their gardens and plants, and get inspiration and advice from knowledgeable experts. 


Leaf Creative is the place to go to find fabulous, unusual plant specimens that can inject structure, colour and texture into your garden. We pride ourselves on stocking specialist plants that are rarely found in a conventional garden centre.

Leaf Creative at Huntley had its origin in our founding nursery at Howle Hill and grew from there. We are still nurturing and growing the 'big idea'. We source and grow incredible plants, and create ever-changing new spaces for people to experience at their leisure. 

We also provide a place where you can meet and discuss your garden projects directly with our designers.


Leaf Creative has a real sense of personality, where gardening and landscaping expertise combine with aspirational gardening design. 

Click here to find out more about Leaf Creative.

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